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1000 Boko Haram killed: Deby gives Nigeria 2 weeks to take over from Chadian troops



Idris Deby

Chadian President Idriss Deby has announced the end of his country’s military operation against Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region.
This followed the killing of more than 1,000 terrorists and devastation of their launching bases.

The unprecedented eight-day campaign, styled Operation Anger of Bohoma, took the Chadian forces inside Nigeria and Niger.

The campaign also saw Deby relocating to Baga Sola to coordinate the battle.

The terrorists lost tonnes of weapons to the merciless Chadian troops.

However, Chad lost 52 soldiers, with 183 wounded.

Deby, before leaving for Ndjamena on Thursday told a meeting with his military officials in the Lac Province that the Chadian troops within Nigeria and Niger will leave in about two weeks.

He has told the Nigerian and Nigerien authorities to be ready to take over the defence of the liberated areas from 24 April.

Déby said no Chadian soldier will any longer take part in a military operation outside of Chad.

“We are able to defend the integrity of our territory,” Idriss Déby said.

“We fought alone in Lake Chad, without the support of the countries supposed to help us,” he added.

However, on Monday Deby acknowledged that Nigeria, Sudan and Rwanda offered large equipment support.

He said that the Chadian soldiers died for the cause of the countries of the Sahel and the Lake Chad basin.

He then promoted five commanders in charge of operations, into higher ranks of colonel, brigadier general and division general.

Back in Ndjamena, which he left 24 March, Deby declared:

“I am back in the capital. I sincerely thank all the Chadians and all the African brothers and sisters for the support given to our Defense and Security Forces. Peace, security and stability are sacred values,. “.

Deby left the capital, the day after Boko Haram attacked the Bohoma base of Chadian army, killing scores of soldiers.

Chad retaliated.

In eight days of military operations, Chadian forces cleaned up all the islands of Lake Chad.

They also entered Nigerien and Nigerian territory to conduct operations and track down Boko Haram.

According to Déby, 90 to 95% of the terrorist sect members have been decimated in the areas of operations.

“All of Africa and the whole world knows what you have done,” he told his men during an inspection visit to the theatre of operations.

“I will never forget those who fell,” said Déby.

Inspection visits to Niger

Before returning to the capital, the head of state went to Boko Haram bases liberated by the Chadian army in Niger territory.

He landed the military helicopter himself, having had pilot training.

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