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2023 Elections: Bishop Femi Otusanya Speaks On Tinubu, Atiku, Peter Obi ~ Prestige News




Going by the hardship of naira crunch, fuel scarcity, insecurity, darkness caused by the present APC government, some people are skeptical about the assurance of promises, the APC candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu has made, if it won’t go the same way of his out-going predecessor.

Bishop Femi Otusanya, aka Omo Majemu, the spiritual father, True Covenant Church of God has stated his mind on the issue, according to him he’s not a politician and God has been silent to him on the presidential candidate that would be Victorious in this Saturday February 25, 2023 election.

However, In his analysis, Omo Majemu stated that children born of same mother doesn’t have the same characters, if the out-going APC president hasn’t perform well, it doesn’t mean APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu will not perform well.

Tinubu has a good record in the past and nobody could compare his characters with the outgoing president and I don’t believe he’s going to behave like Buhari “if we say candidate A will not perform well if he wins election, he may perform well, and if we say candidate B will perform well if he wins election, he may not perform well, but all I am asking is for God to appoint a good leader for us”.

“Nigerians are suffering because of the blood of people that have been shed in this country by our leaders, may God forgive and help to re- arrange our country for good.

” God has a good plan for Nigeria especially during this elections, APC, PDP and Labour Party are the same, because Atiku once defected to APC before he returned to PDP again, Obi also was in PDP, he defected to Labour Party, and if you look at it, they are interwoven, and the most important thing is that God should choose a good leader for us”.

Bishop Otusanya charges that, we should also be fervent in prayers as we will also be voting for senators, house of representatives, national assembly members and governors as they are all determinant of good governance.

He added that we have tried our wisdom to choose leaders for ourselves, it didn’t work, but this time, we should allow God to choose for us.

Also speaking on the House of Representative member representing Ikorodu constituency, Hon. Jimi Benson, Omo Majemu said, he is doing well to the best of his knowledge, what he has done so far in terms of development and others has made him to supersede his predecessors, who didn’t do anything. “He is the kind of people that will do well if he becomes the governor of Lagos state “, he concluded.


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