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6 secrets to wooing a woman on the first date



Going on a first date can be extremely frustrating for men. They build up a lot of expectations about how the date should proceed and often end up disappointed at the results. Maybe there’s not enough conversation or chemistry between you or maybe you feel too much pressure on a first date. Here are six secrets to wooing a woman on your first date.

  1. Be confident

Build confidence. Women seek out confident men, so make sure you’re feeling confident on your first date. If it’s apparent she doesn’t like the location you chose, don’t apologise. Simply say, “This doesn’t seem to be your kind of place. Why don’t you choose where we go next time?” Use a playful tone so she doesn’t feel too much pressure.

Then, direct her attention away from the venue and focus on her. She’ll probably ignore the surroundings so she can get to know you better. If she doesn’t, she’s not a keeper!

  1. Make her laugh

Girls love guys with a great sense of humour. Don’t be offensive or mean with your humour, because you’ll make her worry that you also say bad things about her when she’s not around. Instead, be smart with your humour.  This doesn’t mean you should never take anything seriously though, or else you’ll come off as a clown.

  1. Watch your body language and hers

Use eye contact when you’re talking to her. Don’t sit in a defensive posture with your arms crossed over your chest. Lean toward her to let her know you’re interested in what she’s saying. If she breaks eye contact for a few minutes, bring her back with a question.

  1. Be honest with her

Don’t lie to her, even if you think you’re doing her a favour. For example, if she asks you about how she looks in a dress that you hate, give a polite response but don’t be rude and tell her that you hate the dress. Just say something like “That’s nice but I really liked how you looked in that red dress.”

  1. Make her feel like the centre of your universe

Girls want to be with someone that they know will be loyal and that they don’t have to worry will just leave them for the next hot girl. This is partially because they want to feel like you really like them, not just how pretty they are or what they might do for you. While being with your girl, make sure your eyes are set on her and only her. It might be hard, but ignore the sexy girl at the next table.

  1. Ask for a second date if she seems interested

If the date has gone well and she seems interested, ask for a second date toward the end. If she agrees, call her the next day to nail down specifics. Let her choose the venue.


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