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7 New Year resolution ideas for 2023 ~ Prestige News







With 2022 over and done with, 2023 is right before us in glare and glow.


What we make of it starts from now and how consistent and deliberate we are towards maximizing the year.
Resolutions are a thing heard during this period with many wanting to improve their lives and achieve unprecedented feats in the new year.



If resolutions do work for you as it works for many who stick to them and put in the work for fruition, then here are seven New Year resolution ideas you can consider for 2023.




Spending more time with family and friends


People can be up and about everyday, every week and every month such that they have little time to spend with their family and friends.


You can be more intentional about spending quality time with your family and friends this year to create more bonds and fond memories.


Show More Kindness


The world grows and becomes a better place when we show kindness to one another. You can be a beacon of kindness this year, by giving, being kind with your words, and sharing.


Read more books


Knowledge is unending, and books are a veritable resource to acquire them. You can commit to reading more books this new year knowing that the more you read, the better a person you are.




Find a noble cause in your community, in your workplace, and volunteer to help out. Not only is it promoting the cause, it also promotes your mental and physical health.


Go on a vacation


Vacations are mostly underappreciated in this part of the world. But the truth is, at a point in time, we all need to take a break and catch our breath in a fresh environment to get refreshed and pumped up for more and better.


Exercise more


Like vacations, exercise is yet another activity less engaged in this part of the world. Aside from its manifestations in your physical health, it improves your mental health and puts you in good shape for productivity.


Talk less, listen more


We miss a lot of information because we are more quick to talk than listen. Listening will ever be more plus than talking as you are bound to learn more when you listen.



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