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AIG Galadanchi’s Crack Team FCID Annex G7 Dazzles Nigerians with High Profile Victories in Investigation





Owolola Adebola



A Crack team of Highly Intelligent Police Officers (HIPO) that were meticulously selected by the AIG of F.C.I.D Annex, Alagbon Lagos is gradually making history as it continues to dazzle Nigerians, most especially those who know the values of policing with integrity.


The new outfit is being superintended by the duo of SUPOL Muhammed and Bologgi, who have continually displayed unusual skills at busting dangerous criminals across the length and breadth of Nigeria.


These brilliant and rare gem Police officers are known for bravery and courage a they take professionalism and excellence as their watchword.


“They are towing in the way of Abba Kyari, as they dig dip into their investigations which most times are very technological and intelligence based”,an insider squealed.


Among their many Victories are the successful exposition of a company which was specialised in the sale and distribution of expired substances which they seized and later destroyed otherwise,the substances ,if allowed to go to the open market,would have killed thousands of innocent Nigerians.



Checks revealed that,the team were also instrumental in busting an armed robbery and kidnap gang,b besides making a recovery of several weapons from them when they tracked the anti-social elements to their hideout in Benin, Edo State about a fortnight ago.



Another incredible investigation was that of several _wonderbank_ and Ponzi scheme operators,like the popular money doubler who eloped from Iyana -shasi known as King Wealthplus, but was prevented from escaping overseas with thousands of peoples funds which he had gathered and was planning to elope with before the long arm of the law caught up with him.
The crime busting outfit, also succeeded in obtaining a video clip which exposed the live coverage of killings and wounding of several others at a private cemetery , by a dangerous group of cultists who have been disturbing Ikorodu .Upon their arrest, they confessed to the involvement of some top politicians and land grabbers as their sponsors.



“Another notorious lady who had been defrauding several persons across Nigeria, claiming to be related to the Canadian Immigration top boss,was also re -arrested and would be charged to court after which she initially jumped bail and had been sleeping in different hotels for years,while acting like a vamp to defraud several persons using handsome young men as her pawn to lure innocent persons.


The Outstanding modus operandi of the AIG G7 team is so remarkable as they always act within the confines of the Law by ensuring nobody is unjustly detained and those who are caught are expediently charged to Court under the enabling law.


The team,s professionalism would be put to test with some plethora of cases including the case of the unfortunate killing of a Dubai returnee who was burnt during exorcism by a candle which was sprayed by a prophetess who was fingered as the culprit at a celestial church at Alagbado area of Lagos ,but who is now on the run.


Nigerians in distress now throng the G7 team at FCID Alagbon to get redress from these courageous,gallant Police men and women who include Sp Mohammed,Supol Bollogi Abdullahi,Dsp Chidi, Officers Prince,James,Okiki,Woman Sergeant Esther,Supol Dan and their Super trackers.These officers have not stained their badges of honour.



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