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Don’t marry someone with these 5 habits if you want a successful marriage



Settling down is a big decision to make. If you choose the right partner, you may spend the rest of your life with someone who helps you to learn and grow, giving you the opportunity of living with happiness and fulfillment.

So when it comes to choosing your life partner, there are some types of people you simply must avoid. Here are top five habits to avoid when choosing your spouse.

1. Stay Away From Someone Who Is Narrow-minded

If you are someone who is open-minded, then it’s very important you find a partner who is also open-minded. Open-minded people in a romantic partnership can support each other in expanding their horizons together.

2. Avoid People Who Treat Animals Without Respect

There’s an unfortunate tendency amongst many people to treat animals with disrespect. It comes from a belief that humans are superior to other living species. Respect and compassion for all living species is an attribute to look for in people. Someone who is kind to animals is usually kind to people.

3. Stay Away From People Who Don’t Value Relationships

If you find yourself madly in love with a partner who has cheated on previous partners, reconsider your options here. People who don’t follow the rules of a relationship are unlikely to change – although it does happen.

4. Don’t Marry Someone Who Breaks Promises

Whether they “forget” to get the oil changed in the car or they don’t show up for a dinner reservation, someone who can’t keep it together long enough to keep a promise to you is not worth your time or life’s investment.

Find someone who does what they say they will do.

5. Stay Away From Dishonest People

If you catch your potential spouse lying to you, reconsider the relationship. Of course, the severity of the lie can come into play, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that one lie leads to another.

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