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EXCEPTIONAL ZHOU JIE Restaurant, A Place To Be During Festive Period In Lagos



There are no superlaves that are enough to describe the contribuons and other gesture of Zhoujie Chinese Restaurant to the development of Lagosian and the enre Nigeria.

This popular Chinese Restaurant with delicacies who has been pung smile into Nigerians and Lagos at large with their veritable services for t

he past twenty years. In view of this, Zhoujie Restaurant has become a householdname in delicacies service delivery in Nigeria, over this years, has disnguished itself as the best Chinese Restaurant with a record of

hundreds of success stories and also a record of almost 90% success in Chinese delicacies in Nigeria.Two decades ago Zhoujie Restaurant started in a very li&le space which was barely enough to accommodate customers. But their commitment to build and pung smile into the faces of Nigerians has been their priority. Today Zhoujie Restaurant is a big brand and a giant among all other Chinese Restaurant in Nigeria. Many Nigerian, Chinese walk into their Restaurant with happiness on their faces most of them *lled with joy a+er they might have tasted their delicacies, most me costumers were happy seeing the service been rendered with Nigerians been employed not minding the tribes.With the promo ongoing at this fesve period, once you enter, remember, you aren’t paying for wine, delicacies alone to secure a VIP Card and *ve double of whatever been purchased by you and your families . what you are paying for is the ambience, the service, the locaon (we are talking Zhoujie Chinese Restaurant located @ No 64, Toyin Street, Opposite GTBank o” Opebi Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria here), the wine, food waiter’s experse the good company, the *ne tablecloths, the food and the trust the humidity and storage, the tone and the surroundings, the fellow dining guests and great conversaon. For enquiries kindly call: 07018402134, 08165880888.

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