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G&G Oil and Gas Boss, Alhaji Akeem Adelaja Bags BAADRA 2020 Awards



Adelaja and Publisher, Blissful Affairs Magazine


The oil and gas industry in Nigeria has indeed proven to be the financial heart of the country and economic power. Different men and women have come out to show their prowess in the sector and which today, has impacted hugely in the country’s economy.

Recently, the shrewd and ebullient Alhaji Akeem Adelaja was honoured by the management of Blissful Affairs Annual Discourse and Awards (BAADRA) in the year 2020 for his commitment to secure global best practice in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.


He was presented with a certificate of honour by BAADRA organizer and publisher of Blissful Affairs Magazine, Adaobi Enekwa. Alhaji Akeem Adelaja is a youthful entrepreneur who grew up knowing about the struggles of life.


As a Mushin born and bred, young Akeem toiled very hard and sometimes in the dreaded hustling and jostling which is synonymous with Lagos State. In the midst of these tough challenges and seemingly rocks of Gibraltar, the hard working Akeem kept on doing his legal duties as a Petrol attendant at a gas station in his Mushin, Lagos domain.


Gradually, young Akeem started learning the rudiments of business, most especially in the oil and gas sector and as time goes on, he was able to develop solid interest in the business and worked assiduously towards achieving his set goals and objectives.


After going through the necessary educational attainment needed to forge ahead in his life’s pursuits, Akeem Adelaja ventured into the lucrative but challenging and hotly contesting oil and gas industry and pronto, the Almighty God was with him and he gradually built for himself, an inspirational image in that sector.


Today, Alhaji Akeem Adelaja, a devout Muslim who never joked with all the rules and regulations guiding the Islamic religion is a vast investor in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.


Alhaji Adelaja recently opened his sixth Filling Station in Ketu, Lagos State after opening the fifth at Ikorodu Town. Prior to the opening of this Ketu gas station, Alhaji Adelaja runs other five filling stations situated in Mushin, Idi-Araba, Shomolu, Ogba and Ikorodu all in Lagos State.


As a patriotic Nigerian who wants to see the country’s youths out of poverty, crimes and social vices, Alhaji Akeem Adelaja used his business acumen to provide job opportunities to many who today, are able to fend for themselves and their families.


A detribalized, peace loving and very successful business tycoon, Alhaji Adelaja has carved a niche for himself and there is no doubting the fact that he probably has more ‘golden’ goals to achieve in his business and investment pursuits.


According to some of his close pals and business partners, they attested that Alhaji Akeem Adelaja is a highly dedicated, goal-getting individual who will definitely change the wheel doing businesses in Nigeria.


They added that the chances of Alhaji Akeem Adelaja building a refinery to further boost the oil and gas sector of the country’s economy are very high as visibly evidenced in his present achievements.


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