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Allen Ifechukwu Onyema donates mega millions of naira to help fight Cancer in Nigeria!!!


Everytime you see Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC) named PINK CRUISE being operated by Mass Medical Mission(MMM), just check out the “hall of fame” list.

Allen’s name occupies a pride of place there. It is boldly written on the white body of the special Cancer diagnostic trucks.
His grand donation alongside other public spirited Nigerian centurion givers, made a great difference…
Allen Ifechukwu Onyema risked life and limbs going into the Creeks in the days of trouble. To convince restless and dangerous militants to cease fire.

He pratically convinced them to accept the Yar’adua government’s amnesty programme. He was brought up in Warri.
This makes him a major enabler of the iconic amnesty programme even though unsung . Now we sing his praises. Never to late to reward a good man!!!

His natural peace activism was aptly demonstrated when at just 8years of age, he ended a long running family feud of the Oyema brothers by simply relocating from his fathers house to his uncles abode in a far flung village.

This move ended the inter family war.
He never looked back and has since become a conflict resolution expert from his student days; spending time and resources to bring ethnic harmony to the nation. Even quoted saying “I prefer a big strong Nigeria to a balkanised country”. What better proof of a model patriot.
Allen Oyeama resisted family pressures and the opportunity of a dream job at Shell petroleum. He choosed instead to come and hussle from the scratch in Lagos. Nigeria is better cos of that uncommon bold decision.

Allen Oyema married his heart throb Alice Ojochide Ejembi, an Igala princess from Kogi state. He says and has demonstrated how inter tribal marriages could save Nigeria.
A true patriot indeed and a detribalized man.
Allen Oyeama’s favourite quote “I do good because I can not go to the grave with my wallet nor with any of my houses”.

These are facts about his life spanning over five decades. What character can we evince from these? What portrait do they paint?
Certainly not that of a desperately cunning money monger the American justice system wants us to believe with their spurious indictment.

The picture is very clear; that of a balanced, humble, hardworking and practical God fearing man. A humanist to the core.
His latest demonstration of love for humanity by volunteering his 777 Jet to evacuate victims of xenophobia in south Africa ultimately projected him into the lime light.

Immediately there after, why the allegations, indictments and persecutions. what a wicked world!!
To burst your bubble further even the contentious Air Peace airline was created mainly to provide jobs for the teeming unemployed Nigerian youths.
Otherwise, that same quantum of capital would earn even more interest if invested in the Nigerian banking system.

American’s are past masters in the dark art of dis- information and shenanigans. Remember claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq for a pretext to destroy that country.
They Lionise their robber baron and gangster ancestors that committed genocide against the indigenous red Indians. They have tried to utterly destroy the self confidence of the black American Male folks.
Now they are after our golden Allen Onyema. There dark motives are clear. Their machinations will fail. We must rally round him.

At IKEJA CITY AWARDS 2019 and always, HE remains and get’s our “MAN OF THE YEAR AND LOVER OF HUMANITY AWARD.
It is the least we can do.
Africa rally round your dear son…

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