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Governor YARI is allegedly going up and down to see how he can manipulate the judgement at apex court,as he filled his appeal in the court.

After series of meetings,with his close APC governor and minister of justice, it seems his chances to succeed is very rear.

After series of meeting with some APC Governors,it seems their move to manipulate judgement at apex court will hardly became possible. To this regard,they set another move that will favour them. They want the apex court to order a rerun even without APC ,instead they will sponsor another party candidate among the minority party to win the governorship election.

Some undisclosed source reveal the APP candidate who is also a special adviser to the governor on intra party affairs may likely be the candidate to be sponsor by YARI. After,which if they he won the election he will decamp to APC.

What seems to appear now is that the governor is trying to see how to block the chances for PDP to clinch the state.

The most surprising issue is that,the minister of justice is playing a vital role on supporting YARI’s move to manipulate the judgement. Supported by Bola tinubu and former governor of sokoto(wanako) and other 9 APC governor lead by Fayomi of Ekiti state.

We are still watching them with kin interest to see the end of their evil conspiracy.

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