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Just as the bible say, for the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few, Who then shall i send? For so many leaders have occupy the seat of power but end up living office without touching a life.

Hon. Bege Katuka Humble is indeed one among those leaders who is serving to make a differences in the lives of his people , he has break the camels back for his local government. Just one year in office as the chairman of Kaura LGA, he has proven to the world that indeed when the rightoues rule the people rejoices.

With the little the local government receive as allocation, he was able to carry out about 80 capital projects across the local government, citing atleast five (5) in every Ward, and he is still counting, notable among them are:

# Grading of 17km road linking Manchock, Bondon and Chori in Kaura LGA.
# Construction of 10 different roads at different communities, with a distance of atleast 5 km each.
# Changing the face of the Agban roundabout in Kagoro.
# Completion of extended Secretariat complex phase 2 & 3.
# Renovation of staff quarters, Turaki Buga memorial hospital.
# Rural electrification in different communities.
# Providing portable drinking water through the construction of boleholes to different communities.
# Construction of class rooms for primary schools.
# Installation of solar lights at various locations in the local government.
# construction of primary health centre.
# Construction of a police post at Bondon.
# Provision of hospital equipments to health clinics in the local government. etc.

Ever since he assumed office he has ensure prompt payment of the council staff, traditional rulers, primary school teachers as at when due.

The arrears and debt he inherited, gradually he is reducing the burden and still committed to ensuring that continue, workers of Kaura LGA are appreciating the efforts made by the chairman concerning their welfare. May I say here that Hon Bege Katuka Humble was among the first 2 local government chairmen in the state to pay their workers the new minimun wage. It is on record that Hon Bege Katuka Humble run the most transperant stewardship in the whole 23 local government of Kaduna state, no wonder he has won for himself so many awards both within the state and at the national level. Among the awards recieved by our rare gem are:

# Jagoran Matasan Arewa (leader of the northern younths) by the pretisgious Northern Younth Council of Nigeria.
# Ambassador of Ethics and man of Conscience 2018/2019, by the centre for ethics and self value Orientation.
# Icon of Societal Transformation. By the Nigerian Youth Initiative for Peace and Good Governance.
# Excellent Leadership Award 2019, by the Lagislative Writers Forum of the National Assembly Abuja.

As he is fondly call Humble, he is indeed a humble leader, a good husband and a loving father. The only question in the lips of many within and around is, if in only one year he could achieve all these, what then would happen if he spends two or three years? Hon Bege Katuka Humble has not only succeeded in giving to the people of Kaura LGA the desired leadership they yarn for all this while but have also set a standard of quality leadership to whoever will take over from him when the time comes. But for now, he still remain focus on delivering to the good people of Kaura LGA the devidend of democracy!

Hon Bege Katuka Humble represent an ideal beacon of hope to the young generation of politicians, that will steer the mantle of leadership in our dear country tomorrow! Indeed yours is the case of Julius Ceazer, you came (to Kaura), you saw (the challenges) and you conquer and still conquering.

This piece cannot be complete if we forget to mention the role played in making our local government become productive on their own, from the normal lameness that they use to be. To Mallam Nasiru Ahmed Elrufai a visionary leader with the lion heart, who took the pains to reformed the local government in kaduna state against all odds, we say a big thank you sir, may Allah in his infinite mercies continue to bless you with more wisdom and protect you from the foes of your enemies, thank you once again sir!

God bless Hon Bege Katuka Humble!
God bless Kaura LGA!
God bless Mallam Nasiru Ahmed Elrufai!
God bless Kaduna State.

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