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Funke Egbemode Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation

We have noticed a misinterpretation of the statement made by the State Government of Osun , in which it sounded an alarm about the activities of illegal miners in the State and those breaching its borders. We are awestruck by the fact that anyone could sieze such logical precautionary response in the midst of a global health emergency, to score cheap political points.

The State of Osun has been on a total lockdown, and logically, its mines are closed. Unfortunately, we have discovered that certain unscrupulous persons have sneaked into the State illegally, breaching the State’s borders in the process. The Government of the State of Osun will act only therefore within legal and moral boundaries by attempting to return these people to their last known addresses before they violated our lockdown.

The State of Osun has shown highest regards to the respective State Governments of the concerned people by attempting to return them to their places rather than prosecuting them under the State’s Emergency Regulation.

Every State in the country is upscaling its security measures in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, and other vices. Zamfara State Government, a few days back, arrested some suspected illegal miners in the State, upon claims of being informed that they were providing arms for bandits.

If “alleged” illegal miners are abhorred in Zamfara, why then should the State of Osun be crucified for being safety conscious?

The State Government of Osun recognises the right of every Nigerian to live anywhere within the country. We are a responsible and responsive government that places premium on the health and safety of its people, and we will continue to do everything within our power to protect our people from threats of any sort.

The State Government of Osun believes in the unity of this nation but will not hesitate to take actions against those who breach its borders and try to jeopardize the health of its people.


Funke Egbemode Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation

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