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Keyamo Vows to Try and Fight Piracy in the Entertainment Industry




Keyamo expressed concern that the intellectual property of artists is actually going to be lost through piracy and that if nothing is done about this then it may go on to affect Nollywood. This is the film industry in Nigeria. He has also stated that the ministry is going to collaborate with other governmental agencies and that they are going to try and tackle piracy together. They believe that by doing this, they are going to be able to protect their intellectual property and that they can also grow the industry even more. They even have hopes that this would create even more employment opportunities too, which is always a good thing.

The Tech Industry

Nollywood and even the tech industry in Nigeria has grown since its creation. There are now more casinos than ever and when you look at internet gambling in general, you will see that it has also increased. Of course, when you visit an online casino you will soon see that there can be internet issues due to the infrastructure in Nigeria, but if more money is pumped into this industry then something could certainly be done about that. The AGN government are making an effort to promote the entertainment industry in general and this could only ever be a good thing.

Growing the Industry

According to him, there are other ways to grow the industry, One way for them to do this would be for them to invest in building film villages and even investing in state of the art equipment. This would be done for post-production studios. This would, in-turn, make them way more affordable for any young producers. Ahmed has stated that the industry has contributed a lot to job creation and that it has also made it much easier in terms of acting and film making. There is no age limit in employment, and this is especially the case when you look at youths, adults and even children too. Those who are challenged physically are also employed by the film industry. Nollywood has 6,000 actors alone and if you hinder this industry then you will soon find that there are 6,000 people who need jobs. The NAN has reported that the film industry here is the second biggest in the world when you look at annual production and that they make a whopping 50 movies a week. Every movie that is created opens up new potential jobs and this is incredible news for all those who are involved.

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