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By Zailani Bappa

Zamfara State is indeed, a lucky state. It is one state that bore the cross of attested political failures for almost a decade. It passed through a journey full of tubalence, but before it crashed, God Almighty answered the prayers of His loved ones amongst us and saved the state from diving deeper into the pit of hell on earth. Nonetheless, the state carries along with it, the bruise of sharp weapons of induced disaster and a stamp of unforgettable harsh punishment.

Just like the way it was saved from ultimate catastrophe by enthroning the administration of Bello Mohammed which sanitised the turbulent journey of the Devil and brought in the much needed peace and tranquility required to gather pieces of crumbs of what was then left of the life of our traumatised citizenry in the state, the administration poised once more to stamp its blessed feet of progress with a significant ability to shame its detractors with regards to the new dawn we have just acquired by the grace of the Almighty God.

Suddenly, a pandemic, unheard of in similarity in a complete century, has now hit the Globe. In situations like this, only the wise and the visionary can be pro-active. Governor Matawalle saw the danger coming. At a time when there was no reported case of the disease in the State, he has already prepared for any eventuality by providing two standard 110 capacity isolation centers in the state at Gusau and Damba. He went ahead to supply ventilators, test sample kits, hand sanitisers and face masks, all for free to the citizens in the state.

However, the measures being taken to curtail the curb naturally contributed in slowing down the economy and also creates low income generation among the people. Hence, Matawalle set up a committee that was partly responsible for raising palliatives for the citizens across the state. The well-to-do responded and generated millions of naira and great quantity of foodstuff for distribution to the public.

However, the larger responsibility lied with the State Government. Especially now that the annual Ramadan has approached, Governor Matawalle endowed a N1.2 billion feeding scheme for the entire month in the state. Foodstuff was procured for supply and subsequent processing twice on Daily basis in all the 2,156 polling units across the state meant for every interested citizen to enjoy in support of his Iftar and Sahur as the fasting period lasted.

Similarly, Governor Matawalle set aside the sum of N470 million for the purchase of food stuff and subsequent distribution to civil servants at the state and local government levels at a 50% discount payable over a period of time. This is aimed at easing the hardship created by measures taken against the spread of covid-19 especially as it transcends into the Holy month of Ramadan.

One of the soft centers of His Excellency is the care for orphans. One of his first actions was to pay a visit to an pohanage where he donated half of his salary to the center lasting the period of his tenure. Matawalle has always been the father of the fatherless. Hence, this year, he initiated a feeding scheme for the orphans also to be implemented as the fasting period lasted. In this regard, no fewre than 40,000 orphans will be fed on a daily basis unt the end of this holy period.

Governor Bello Mohammed has always emphasised that his administration is aiming at touching the life of every citizen in the state. By the administration’s initiatives he is practically demonstrating this point which will continue to justify him as the People’s oriented Governor. All Matawalle requires from us is continued prayer and support to take Zamfara state and its people to the promised destination of peace, harmony and abundance.

Bappa writes from Gusau.

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