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Meet 5 richest Nigerian women



Gone are the days that the duties of a woman ended in the kitchen and in the other room. Women today are no longer just homemakers or baby-makers, they are now money makers. Women have long broken their bounds and proved to their male counterparts that they can have affluence. Below is a list of the 5 richest Nigerian women, how they became rich and their net worth.

5. Bimbo Alase

She is an entrepreneur, an investor and a business tycoon. She is the CEO of Leather World, a luxury furniture company in Nigeria and Africa. She has a degree from pitman College London and regent Academy of design and fine arts in London. She also has a post-graduate degree in interior design from London design school.

She is estimated to worth $400 million.

4. Stella Okoli

Stella Okoli is the CEO of Emzor pharmaceutical. She has a degree in pharmacy from Bradford University, United Kingdom and a master’s degree in Biopharmaceuticals from the University of London in the UK. She started Emzor in Jan 1977 and is today worth over 700 million Dollars.

3. Fifi Ejinda

On number 3 is royalty, Fifi Ejinda aka Princess Fifi Ejinda is the great Granddaughter of King Ekpo Bassey of Cobham Town, Calabar. She was born in Ibadan and has an architectural degree from Pratt Institute, United States. She is the Ceo and chairman of Starcrest group of companies, a company with diversification in oil and gas, real estate and building construction. She is worth over 850 million dollars and is a fashion enthusiast.

2. Hajiya Bola Shagaya

Is the second richest woman in Nigeria and the 4th richest in Africa. She is a business mogul and unlike other prominent business tycoons she built her wealth from a humble beginning. Her father was a public servant in Nigeria and her mother, a Sudanese seamstress. She is the CEO and chairman of Bolmus group, a company with diversification in real estate, oil, and gas, banking, and photography. She has a degree from Ahmadu Bello University and another from the United States where she studied Accountancy and Economics. She started out as a banker, where she worked in the audit department of the CBN. She later ventured into business, with her first experience being importing and exporting photographic materials. She later went into the Nigerian oil and gas sector where she founded Practoil Limited and later Fotofair Limited. She is currently worth over 1 billion dollars and is friends with Nigeria’s first ladies the likes of late Stella Obasanjo, Tuaria Yara dua and Dame Patience. She loves fashion and sports especially polo.

1. Florunsho Alakija

She is currently the richest woman in Nigeria and the second richest woman in Africa, worth over 1 billion dollars. You would be surprised to find that this woman started her career as a secretary in a merchant bank and later went on the study fashion design in the United Kingdom before opening a fashion design company called Supreme Stitches. The door of wealth opened up to her when her application for the allocation of an Oil prospecting license (OPL) to her company Famfa limited was granted. Florunsho now owns 60% shares in her company and makes up to 10million dollars a day. She also owns a printing company called Digital reality prints limited. She has a private jet and real estate worth over 100 million dollars. Despite all these, she still finds time to cook for her husband.

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