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Men of God and private jets: You cannot say man  should not get what he wants if he has capacity to buy, says Archbishop Olusegun Roberts



Archbishop David Olusegun Roberts is the General Overseer of Winning Faith Missionary International. He is also the National Chairman of West African College of Bishops. In this interview with Prestige Online, the man of God opens up on various issues including state of the nation. Excerpts.

How did you get into evangelism?

I got born again in the early 80’s in the Apostolic Faith, the one at Ebute Metta in Oyingbo by the cemetery, I later went to Deeper Life for a while until I was introduced to Foursquare Gospel Church, under the leadership of Baba Boyejo and Baba Faronmbi, later by Baba Rev. Dr. W.A. Badejo, I latter attended  Bible College, the Samuel Bible Institute Montgomery Road Yaba, the school was founded by late Rev. S. A. Oyeyemi.

What is your educational background?

I grew up at Muritala Muhammad Road Yaba, I schooled around those axis, All Saints School, later the Western college of commerce, and Federal college of Education (Technical) Akoka, and later the then Bendel State university, and much later Obafemi Awolowo university, and later the Tansian university Umunya Anambra. I studied engineering and computer science

What is West African College of Bishops all about?

The West African College of Missionary Bishops, was founded in the 90s. Presently I was appointed as *Cardinal of WACOMBS* to oversea the African continent and Asia. The college is a training centre for ethics, consecration, edification, enthronement, and appointment of Bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, also for evangelism and missions, as the harvest is over ripe in this end time.

Let’s talk about Roberts Bible Training Center?

The Roberts Bible Training centre is now *WACOMBS Theological Seminary* the purpose is to expand the scope and length of the school, in respect of the proposed Roberts polytechnic, work is in progress and our God will make it a reality

Let’s talk about your church

WINNING FAITH (MISSION)ARY INT’L is the church arm of our ministry, and we are winning souls for Christ and his church is marching on, hallelujah

What is your view on the proliferation of churches in Nigeria?

Proliferation of churches. It is prophetic, JESUS SAID THE CHURCH SHALL MARCH ON, *also JESUS said the harvest is plenty and the labourers are few* so the owner of the church said the labourers are few, meaning He needs more people and eventually more churches, so to speak. There is a grand conspiracy from the pit of hell to blackmail and whitemail the church so many can be deceived and be misled. With all that said, we need to tidy up our arts in this respect, with a building sometimes housing more than 1, 2 & 3 churches, its not good enough

What is your assessment of just concluded general elections?

On recently concluded elections, we’ve never had it this rough and bad, but thanks to God it all ended without war, or disintegration or collapse of our society, all elections, marred with sharp practices, rigging on all parties line and sides, we can do better, if the electorates wake up

What is your assessment of President Buhari first term?

President Buhari” first term has the GOOD, BAD and UGLY, and you and I know, except we are not sincere

What is your assessment of Governor Ambode Administration?

Ambode did good , very good but with too many loosed ends that eventually seems to negatively affect his efforts like the land use charge, the waste and environment, etc overall I will score him 75% that’s a more than a pass mark

What is the role of churches in politics and governance?

The church has a lot to do in political matters, except that she needs to tidy up her strategy and approach, otherwise she may not assume that place of great respect, although the present leader of  CAN, Rev Ayokunle is holding the bull by the horn and  may God help him.

What are the various programs of the church?

We believe strongly in community service, hence we have quite a number of programs we run, for example, we had a FREE FEEDING, program. We have YEARLY FREE MEDICAL OUTREACH, in which we give out *free drugs, consultation and examination*
Same goes with empowerment training and God is doing great amongst us.

What do you think is the way out of security problem in the country?

On security in the country, i am out of words, idea, suggestions and way forward. My observation is (a) the political influence won’t allow us win this war (b) The corruption involved, especially financially won’t let the battle cease
(c) lack of Education in the NORTH (d) Compromise within our security agencies (e) lack of funding and diversion of funds meant for the war.

What is the difference between missionary Bishops and conventional Bishops?

Missionary Bishops are not different from conventional Bishops except that (a) they function more on the mission field, (b) they do not need to have a large cathedral (c) they are not mandated to have several branches of churches ; they can without difficulties function from a local church they submit to with good relationship doing the work of an evangelist. There are other functions that I will not want to mention here, when you join us you know better and learn to enjoy Gods work.
What is your view on Local Government autonomy?

As sregards the local government autonomy its a welcome development, we can now hold our local government chairmen accountable i give kudos to federal government on this.

What is your view on no more jail term for minor offenders by Lagos State Government?

Recently the chief justice of Lagos state said No more jail term for minor offender’s so as to decongest the prisons, community service, fines, etc are good way forward

What is your view on Men of God and Private jets?

Men of God and private jets, well in my opinion I think you cannot say a man  should not get what he wants if he has capacity to buy. Some of them receive the jets as gifts, should they sell it? I am not in place to decide, on whether they should sell it to create jobs. Sincerely speaking the church has done so much and still doing, imagine if Government can do and manage the country the way some churches and leaders have done with their ministry, this nation will not be where we are.

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