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Petrol most expensive in Abia state



Abia residents paid the highest price for petrolin Nigeria

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Abia residents paid N178.70 per litre for petrol in November.


It was the highest paid by consumers at the pump for the product.


Kebbi and Kwara residents are next to Abians in paying above the average of N167 per litre.


The NBS in its latest “Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) Price Watch” publication for November said Kebbi residents paid N174.76.


Kwara residents paid N172.33, the report stated.


The product was cheapest in Zamfara, where residents paid N161.73.


In Bauchi, residents also enjoyed a regime of cheap fuel, paying N161.78.


Kaduna residents paid N163.83 per litre, still below the average prices for the product.


According to the NBS survey, the average price paid by consumers for petrol increased by 14.62 per cent year-on-year and month-on-month by 3.79 per cent to N167.27 in November from N161.17 in October.


Similarly, the average price paid by consumers for Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) increased by 1.79 per cent month-on-month and decreased by -0.59 per cent year-on-year to N223.74 in November from N219.80 in October.


The bureau said that states with the highest average price of diesel in the month under review were Benue at N263.33, Kebbi at N258.57 and Taraba at N251.67.


The lowest average price of diesel which is N182.50 was in Kwara, followed by N192.67 in Osun and N196.33 in Nasarawa.


Fieldwork for the report was done by more than 700 NBS staff in all states of the federation supported by supervisors who were monitored by internal and external observers.


Fuel prices were collected across all the 774 local governments across all states and the FCT from over 10,000 respondents and locations.


The price reflected actual prices households bought fuel together with the prices reportedly sold by the fuel suppliers.


The average of all these prices was then reported for each state and the average for the country was the average for the state.


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