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Pray against bloodshed through any form of accident on 12 &13 April 2019, Dr Chris Okafor warns



warnsagainst fire outbreaks, few days later fire wreck plaza in Aguda, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria

Almighty God in his infinite mercy reveals in other to redeem, this was the assertion of the Generational prophet of God and the senior pastor, Greater Liberation city (Grace Nation) worldwide Dr Chris okafor at the Sunday glorious service of the church on 7th April 2019.

The Oracle of God has he is fondly called by faithful challenged Nigerians to pray against any forms of accident either by road, water, air and homes, he said while in his closet praying ahead of the service God revealed to him flow of blood litters everywhere as a result of accident, the apostle of Altars who also laments the poor attitudinal character of Nigerians to listens to warning said God in his infinites mercy reveals what is about to happen in other for it to be averted immediately through prayer, he remarked that Nigerians are very good in doubting, the spirit of doubting has eaten deep in the flesh of many. But if they can hawken to warning through genuine man of God such disaster can be averted through prayer.

The man of God warns that April 12 & 13 2019 has been projected by the evil world to suck innocent blood of people but if all can come together and pray, cry to the lord before the expected date of execution, all the evil plot by their agent will be destroyed/averted

It will be recalled that the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor few days ago warned against fire outbreak in market places or business arena across the country, but just few hours ago there was a serious fire out break at a major business plaza, in Aguda Ogba area of Lagos Nigeria, property and goods worth millions of naira were lost to that inferno.

Earlier in his sermon with title ‘’BLESSING AND THE ENFORCER’’, Dr Chris okafor explained that one of the major blessing from God is the privilege to own a property outside the native place of birth, he explained further that you don’t own a property until you are blessed to own one, the Abraham blessing guarantee all the blessing of God require to own a land, the oracle of God said Abraham submit himself in totality to serve God with all his substance, you can also do same to get blessing because it is important to know what blessing is, and how to access it.

The realms of the prophetic went through another dimension at the service, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor went deeper to released lots of people at the service from various bondage there were going through, as a result of strong man who has kept them bound. Over 2000 women’s too also carry their miracle babies because God servant also visited different covens where so many unborn babies were tied, he released them to their mothers. Many millionaires were also made at the Sunday glorious service, as their case file were open some of them their business were tied to their family altars. The man of God prayed and they were set free, even some of them testify immediately, they received called that their foreign business partners contact them while the service was going on confirming their readiness to do new business with them. All this testimonies were given to the glory of God.

For prophetic encounter through supernatural teaching of the words, miracles, deliverance and solutions, you can join Dr Chris okafor every Wednesday by 7am-10am, every Sunday by 7am-12pm and every last Friday of the month for night of prophesy and solution (vigil) by 7pm- till you breakthrough, at the Greater Liberation City (Grace Nation) international headquarters, ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria it’s a great opportunity for you to testify too, lots of people has share their testimonies through divine encounter at Greater Liberation city, yours might be next, join any of the service to see God in action raw.

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