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Prayer, fasting can’t take you out of poverty, use your mind, says Pastor Ibiyeomie ~ Prestige News



Pastor David Ibiyeomie


Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, has told Christians who always fast and pray to get out of poverty that they are wasting their time.


He said prayer and fasting would not take them out of poverty, but that they should develop their minds.


The prosperity preacher spoke at the church’s convention, saying that the mind could analyze things, store information, saying that reasoning is a function of the mind, which was why God said “come let us reason together”.


“You have my kind of mind, put it to use and prisons will end. I pray that as you use your mind it will make you come out of every prison of life in the name of Jesus.


“The mind is that powerful for you to have an Upsurge and people neglect it. People fast, people pray, people rub good creams but they don’t develop their minds. An undeveloped mind is a disaster,” he said.
Church Gist quoted Ibiyeomie as saying that “God is a thinker, until you are a thinker life will not be thick. If you are sinking watch what you are thinking? Many of us want an upsurge but we keep thinking negative things.


“The mind is for thinking, the elasticity of the mind is determined by the rigorous mental exercise you subject it to. Your mind will never develop if you don’t think. The prodigal son came out of poverty, not through prayer, not through fasting, but through his mental capacity of thinking.
“You can’t come out of poverty by prayer and fasting, you only come out of poverty by thinking. You must engage in solution driven thinking. Not thinking problems, thinking solutions.”





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