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In spite of his stardom, superstar Reggae musician, Ras Kimono, who died on Sunday, June 10, 2018, at the Lagoon Hospital, on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, didn’t really mess around with too many women, Prestige Online investigation has revealed.

All through his 60 years on earth, only three women could be publicly associated with the Onicha-Olona, Delta State indigene whose real names are Augustine Okwudili Okeleke Onwubuya.

The first was a certain lady that bore his first child, a girl, whom he never really married. This was while Kim was still a nobody. As a matter of fact, he never quite accepted responsibility until media escalated it when his debut album, Under Pressure, became a national anthem.

Along the way, Kim met and fell in love with Sybil, the woman he spent a greater part of his life with. She bore him three daughters and even went on to manage his career for years. Both of them relocated abroad, United States of America, to be specific, after sometime. And that was the last we heard of them.

A few years back, Kim returned all alone, and was being managed by Efe Okedi, and just like it happened between him and Sybil, they also fell in love, started living together and ultimately had a daughter, who is Kimono’s fifth child.

Efe, it could be rightly said, witnessed the last days of Kimono. She was with him when he breathed his last, and as would be expected has been inconsolable. ‘Both of them were so in love that many now fear for Efe. Especially, how she would pick up the pieces of her life again. They were always together, at events and so on. Kimono, since he returned, rarely went anywhere without her. So, it’s going to be difficult for her to pick up again afresh’, said a worried and concerned friend.

A father of five, all girls, Kimono’s eldest child, Oge, also plays Reggae. She was said to be on admission in Abuja when the news of her father’s demise reached her and instantly she started rushing down to Lagos. She too has cried her eyes sore, even with her poor health.

Ras Kimono’s remains are currently at the TOS Funeral Home, behind Marwa Gardens, in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, while friends and family members are trying to work out his burial modalities.

Condolence messages, meanwhile, have been pouring in for the vegetarian and teetotaler. Same with the social media where fans and admirers have been waxing him beautiful numbers and tunes. Unfortunately, the musical genius from whose fecund imagination beautiful songs like Rumba Style, Likkle Sugar, Under Pressure, Natty Get Jail, etc all emanated from can neither dance to any nor even nod his dreadlocked-head in appreciation and acknowledgement.

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