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See How Assemblies of God Church Sacked General Superintendent Over Sexual Misconduct



Assemblies of God Nigeria has reportedly suspended the church general superintendent of (GS), Rev. Chidi Okoroafor over alleged sexual misconduct.

This comes almost six years after the former GS Rev. Paul Emeka was suspended over financial mismanagement in 2014.

The removal of Rev Emeka which was allegedly championed by Rev. Chidi Okafor opened the church up to crisis that was hardly resolved, leading to the church’s loss of members.

Evidently, the Assemblies of God is not owned by one man but by a group of leaders, wherefore, no one has autonomy and no one is above the constitution of the church.

Members of the church have expressed their reservations pointing that the moves were more political discarding the evidences as shallow. The tenure of the suspended leader was to end in 6 months and some argue that they should have waited to save the church’s reputation. However, some contenders revoked saying God’s judgment is bigger than saving the church’s face.

The church’s elders admonish its members to pray for the church as it has barely recovered from the previous scandal that rocked it.
Source: Expressive Information

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