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Sudden Release of Sowore, Dasuki , welcomed but a decision taken way too late – Doherty




The Lagos State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Engr. Adedeji Doherty during a Christmas Greetings interview with journalists at his Residence, said that The RELEASE OF THE TWO ILLEGALLY DETAINED GENTLEMEN, Mr Sowore and Alhj Sambo Dasuki is a welcomed development but a bit late in the life of the Mohammed Buhari Administration!

Doherty said ‘ Dasuki has been in detention through the life time of this administration and Mr. Sowore has been brutalized, abused , kidnapped and has had his rights demoralized by this same Government, all in the name of fighting or trying to destroy the existence of an Opposition Democratic Party or Parties . Doherty said , Meaningful Criticism of any Administration should be seen as a check and balance mechanism in any Democratic Environment instead of it being seen as an abuse to the so called constitutional Authority which obviously belongs to the people and not the occupier of the seat in question . It is obvious that Nigerians and the International Community are watching the antics of this Administration especially the players and executors of illegality, using the purported People’s Mandate to commit All sorts of illegal oppressive vendettas, which can only give our country a bad name in the League of Nations !

My Advice to those in power is to always remember that the day of reckoning always catches up with the collaborators and executors of Democratic Crime. Doherty also said ‘ Look at Pakistan and the Death sentence passed on their former President Musharraf, look at Sammuel Doe of Liberia , look at Egypt President Mubarak and Later President Morsi , these are all throwbacks from Democratic States, and it is not impossible in Nigeria.
Nigerians are very patient and resilient group of people but could be very defiant when being pushed to the wall .

Finally , Doherty adviced the APC led administration not to get carried away by the declining victories being recorded in the past two general elections but to start asking themselves this question, ‘ What Legacy would this Administration led by the APC like to leave in the minds of the good people of this country . Doherty said his advice to Nigerians would be ,to please continue praying for our Leaders to be God fearing and think more of the people rather than themselves!

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