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She revealed in a viral message that she doesn’t regard anybody whenever the thing touches her, and it was only my coming to SCOAN that made me to come back to my senses. She said that, hitherto I was hailed from a ritual family, and whenever I had the opportunity to get myself into the ritual world, something will be telling me that I do not belong to this sect again. Thanks to Pastor Temitope Joshua. Today, I am giving all Glory to God that has brought me out of wilderness to bigger light. Before this my transformation, I used to have MIGRAINE that will often make me to be rude to anyone that came my way.

Bisola was at the massive protest led against the COZA Pastor, in Lagos, and used the platform to tell the whole world that she has also suffered a similar fate for fourteen years by the Synagogue Pastor, and is now standing behind Timi Dakolo’’s wife for coming out to set the record straight. According to her, she said she had over years been promiscuous, dated many big men, and had all the good things of life before getting married, and even after getting married, that spiritual touch was still with me, as I was always wont to be in the company of opposite sex. I was actually mentally unstable. I lived in Eko Hotel for many years and any man that took me for good money was a game. It even got to a time that I even set my house on fire, and even at a time came to the point of swallowing poison just to end my life. Today, I am back at the mercy of God, even as she always comes back to the church any time she has a problem. It can now be deduced that it is only when this woman has a problem; that she often comes back to the church, which should mark fourteen years now. Bisola Johnsons is now crying out loud to press home the fact that rape is not an issue that can be condoned. This is an advice to all and sundry on this ever recurring matter and the whole world should be at alert. This could well be on account of T.B. Joshua’s generosity and philanthropic gestures; perhaps this is why Bisola is coming out. Some analysts are of the view that Bisola Johnson might be suffering from mental disorder for her to raise such allegations against a man of God, who is highly respected worldwide. Bisola Johnson was a beneficiary of largesse of TB Joshua and now biting the finger that fed her. Numbers of event watchers are claiming that Bisola Johnson does not know what she is saying against the man of God

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