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The Good Side of PMB’s Youth Laziness Vituperations



Press Release 
In view of the ongoing knocks and counter knocks going on in the polity from both sides of the divides on the recent statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari at the Common Wealth Conference in London, presumably ‘Sai Baba’ (president) lost in transit and out of reasoning, while trying to answer a more direct views on economy and free trade investment opportunities in Africa, where in the aged man lost touch with focus and deviate from the reality, and as a man always good at gesticulating on serious affairs , whose wife Aisha was once thrown into monumental embarrassment from the main room to the other the room, and redundantly reduced to kitchen utensils.

Perhaps, one need no surprise nor bewilderments on youth retrospect on our bulging eyes to quick money syndrome either oil or politics, both are leading  attractive negatives beclouding and bedeviling our wider horizons on what positive potentials lies within us.
No one except you (youths) can change the tide by thinking in concerts on fundamentals, beyond rethorics of arguments without substance.
We know the country is long overdue for independence and total freedom, I see a great future that lies ahead of us, but with grave Hercules of Challenges: lack of will, no enabling environment, no job opportunities, anti masses policies, no guiding rules and people’s oriented constitution, obligations and mandatory philosophy.
We must begin to rethink Nigeria, beyond allowing this same gladiators to use us as trading tools at the detriments of our common woes, hence the need to shun retaliative postulations and unnecessary vituperations and whirled distractions.
The Buhari led government is worst most corruptive administration: Nigeria of today is the worst place to be born into on earth according to Bill Gate.
Where are we going to?, must we run for political office? Majority of us lack orientation, experience and vision to start from the foundation level, or do we think politics is the only route to our solution? Many questions begging for answers.
We are left out of touch without navigation, more or less like a void and empty space that we need to create a new theory and philosophy of power management and best suitable system of government, with a view of creating the right atmosphere and purpose.
Our focus must be reasonated upon fundamentals and work cautiously and be unrepentantly optimistic about our present predicaments and learn how to proffer short and long term panaceas.
As far as we need to allow this infightings to go on, we must sieze this rear golden opportunity to call ourselves together to discuss and draft treaties and charters that will form part of our forecasted postulations.
In as much as we need to focus on the ball, via frontally preoccupied with the restructuring agenda, we must be able to bring to the fore our brilliancies and succinct ideologies together in order to raise the wrecked ship of the nation back to the sea…Nigeria cannot survive even if we break up, the only thing we must do is to persevere through the current anomalies in the polity to canan land of our pride.
One key factor is our unity and matured programs, leading an heterogeneous and complex society like Nigeria deserves concentrated study and discipline of the mind.
We need to reconstruct Nigeria today with a short and lond term plan, though if we can rise from our lazy sleeps into reality.
Buhari goofed but we must understand our president is old and incapacitated with vigour and dynamism, yet we must rise to the challenge of retooling and reinvigorating our common sense of purpose now, we must ensure we don’t reinforce failure in 2019 at all ends, for PMB is not our only enemy but we must remove all infested serving Honorable members of the house of representatives and senators from returning back to the 9th chambers, I will advice most of our youthful presidential campaign aspirants to reconsider this option in order to drive this road map towards a greater Nigeria.
Buhari needs to be forced to retire but, we must be cautioned to avoid war and loss of lives, we must ensusre a non violence and bloodless struggle, but with mental feasts and preparedness to expect the unexpected.
We must learn the riddles of power, scientific approach is the solution if only we can down tool our pride.
Let’s talk and work out our plan of action via a convocation of youth sovereign national debate/retreats on the focal points and solutions.
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq. President, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCWY)

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