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Tobi Bakre Bathe At Lekki Ikoyi Linked Bridge, Bisola Rides Keke Napep…Other Crazy things People Do For Love



Such grooves include holding parties, hobnobbing with friends, gift and love sharing on social media.

One popular trend on social media this year is the IfYouLoveMe Dare Challenge. The challenge is basically about you daring your loved ones to do something daring for you. The person you dared now replies to the “dare” with a video fulfilling your request.

They say love is blind and intoxicating. Love can make us do strange and crazy things, sometimes, they are worth it, and sometimes they totally don’t. Nevertheless, it is good to love and be loved. Since the challenge started, there have been lot of dare and responses with people proving their love for their loved ones.

Below are the top dare and Responses from the Challenge and how you too can join

Tobi Bakre bathed at Lekki-Ikoyi Linked Bridge

Another Formal BBNaija Finalist, Tobi Bakre was dared by one of his fans to bathe at Lekki Ikoyi linked bridge. To show his love for this particular fan, he did so with so much joy to the admiration of the onlookers

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