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Amazing Tips for an Outstanding Makeup



You do not need to be a certified make up artist to do gorgeous makeup. Who said you need to be trained in make up artistry? All you need is to use some simple tips that will enhance your natural beauty and help hide your flaws.

Here are some amazing makeup hacks that will help you look beautiful and flawless day in day out. Using these tips will make you look like you just got out of a make up studio. Check them out!

  1. While contouring your face, use different shades of face contour.
  2. Always apply your foundation first to make your skin tone smoother.
  3. Follow up the foundation with your concealer to hide any facial flaws like dark spots or acne.
  4. To give your nose the pointed and pretty look, apply darker concealer along the sides and under the tip of your nose and properly blend it out.
  5. When you apply your mascara, brush the eye lashes to get rid of the excess mascara, this will give you the result of a pro.

Try these and step out looking like you just had your make up done by a professional. Go You!!!




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