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Five things Women do that could Turn a man Off



Do ladies really know what turns men off? it is hard to settle for one thing because when a man is turned off, it is sure as a result of one thing done too many times or many things done by one person.

It is very easy to ignore  the things that could turn a man off but it is unfair to the men folk. Although you may not even realize what parts of your daily doings are actually turn offs, it is never too late to change your ways when it comes to handling men.

To make your relationship with a man stronger, fun and long-lasting, you have to learn to avoid things that turns him off.

Go through our list of top turn-offs for men.

  1. Nagging

Every man wants a lady that he can relate with on a personal ground, when you nag him, you almost begin to sound like his mother. Usually, this is a major turn off for men. When you have an attitude of complaining and finding faults in all that a man does, he would get tired in the relationship and may choose to let it all go due to frustration.

  1. Talking Too Much

Being a blabbermouth is one thing every girl should dread being called. every man likes a girl that is conversational but when you talk excessively it can turn him off. He might not be able to catch up with your never ending conversations and this can create an imbalance because you are the one almost doing all the talking. This can make a man think of you as egoistic as all you do is talk and want everyone to listen to just you, asides being a great turn off, it will make a man draw away from you.

  1. Being Clingy

Women are proven to naturally be more emotionally attached to men but some overdo it. A woman does not always need a man to assure and re-assure her of his love every single time, he can get tired of doing it and scare him away. This is a great turn off.

  1. Being Flirty with other guys

When you are committed to one man, as in a relationship, there is no need testing your seduction and flirting skills on another man, your man may begin to doubt what you feel for him. It is very unhealthy to flirt with other men while involved with one, it may give rise to jealousy and create tension. This is a major turn off for men.

  1. Belittling his Friends

No man wants a woman who does nothing but badmouth his friends whenever she sees them. Belittling your man’s friends to his face is something that could turn him off if done consistently. Do not put your man in the middle of picking between you and his friends, you may not be lucky. Tolerate whomever you can tolerate and keep mute when you can’t, this will earn you a great deal of respect.

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