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Banker Herbert Wigwe At 53



The head honcho of wave-making bank, Access, Herbert Wigwe, against all advertorials to celebrate him on his birthday, even with the giant bill-board in Victoria Island, Lagos, to commemorate his birthday, he did not hand any airs around self, and this is the hallmark of a man that braves all odds in his career. He has been reshaping, changing, empowering and giving access to humanity through his non-governmental HOW Foundation.

With his incredible passion and leadership gesture, he has also been making difference in the lives many individual. He fought tough to takes his bank to greater heights. The visionary bank boss and innovate change-maker is a champion for woman empowerment.

Herbert leads with unmatched character and has resiliently built a global respected banking institution that captures the true definition of capacity, responsibility and innovation to the Nigerian banking circuit. He has an endearing penchant for institutional health, economics, entrepreneurship and good leadership.

Source Daily Independent, Bolatito Adebola

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