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Coronavirus cases in Nigeria reach 305, virus hits Niger, Anambra



Nigeria’s coronavirus cases reached 305 on Friday, after Nigeria Centre for Disease Control reported 17 new cases.

Two states Anambra and Niger, for the first time, reported a case each.

Here is a breakdown of the 17 cases, according to NCDC:

8 in Lagos
3 in Katsina
2 in FCT
1 in Niger
1 in Kaduna
1 in Anambra
1 in Ondo

NCDC also said 59 patients have been discharged, while seven died.

NCDC also made some alterations in its national figures.

It said three cases previously included as Lagos state cases have been transferred to Ogun state.

“The three cases live in satellite towns in Ogun close to Lagos. Therefore, Lagos State has reported 163 confirmed cases while Ogun State has reported 7 confirmed cases’, it said.

Here is the real time stats for the states:
Lagos- 163
FCT- 56
Osun- 20
Edo- 12
Oyo- 11
Bauchi- 6
Akwa Ibom- 5
Ogun- 7
Kaduna- 6
Enugu- 2
Ekiti- 2
Kwara- 2
Delta- 2
Benue- 1
Ondo- 2
Niger- 1
Anambra- 1

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