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Double standards between men and women



Double standards is when…

1. A woman wants her man to apologize, yet she never apologizes because according to her, men are always the problem
2. A husband sees no need to tell the wife what he does with money, yet wants the wife to give an account of every coin she spends
3. A woman complains about her man having female friends, yet she entertains men
4. A man claiming he is polygamous, yet gets insecure when his woman interacts with another man
5. A woman wanting her husband to use all his money on the family, yet wants to keep her money to herself
6. A man wanting his wife to support his dreams, yet he doesn’t even know and care about her dreams
7. A woman wanting to be talked to and checked up on by her man, yet she doesn’t bother to check up on or care for him
8. A man wanting his word to be followed to the letter by his woman, yet he doesn’t even seek her opinion
9. A woman wanting her husband confide in her, yet she doesn’t confide in him

10. A husband mocking his wife about her dressing and weight, yet he doesn’t work out or even care to look good
11. A woman who keeps complaining about the wrongs her man is doing, yet she doesn’t see her own wrongs
12. A husband who demands the wife to respect him, yet he doesn’t respect her
13. A woman who tells a man to be a better father to their child/children, yet she is the one pushing him away from the child/children and making him feel less important because he doesn’t have a womb
14. A husband who comes home late in the night, yet he beats up or barks at his wife when she comes home a few minutes past the 7pm curfew
15. A wife who complains her husband has never taken out her out on a date for years, yet she too doesn’t ask to spend quality time with him
16. A husband who complains the wife doesn’t do “wifely” things for him like iron his shirts, brush his shoes and cook for him, yet he doesn’t make effort to serve her
17. A spouse who wants great sex but doesn’t make effort to give his/her spouse sexual pleasure
18. A spouse who complains about lack of appreciation, yet he/she doesn’t appreciate
Love has one main principle; do to your partner what you want your partner to do for you. Whatever you don’t want your partner to do to you, don’t do it to him/her; whatever you want your partner to do for your partner, do it for him/her… Both men and women need the same thing: love, respect, care, faithfulness, support and to be treated with maturity.

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