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No prosperity without sacrifice, says Olajire Precious Majolagbe as she speaks on life at 50



What is the experience like at 50?

I give glory to God for his mercy and goodness upon me all this while. God has been so good. I joined Celestial Church of Christ about five years ago. I came into celestial because I wanted God to showcase my life with his own glory. The first time I had an encounter with Prophet Israel Oladele Genesis was at  Lanre Atorise’s event. When I saw him, I saw a crown on his head and I told a sister that we went together about it. He came in as a gentleman, he was in Sultana, one thing led to the other and we started talking. Later he invited me to the church. It has been so tough but I give glory to God. To the glory of God I have one child and he is an Engineer to the glory of God. When we joined the church we knew that God is not a magician, we decided to wait till God’s time. I am looking at experience at fifty from the spiritual point of view. I thank God because he has covered my nakedness.

What came to your mind the day you clocked 50?

I realized that I have grown up, there are some things I may not continuing doing  the way I was doing it before. There are some things I should not do again. By 12 midnight I prayed to God and I realized that I have come of age.

What are the challenges so far?

The number one challenge is marital affairs. I don’t want to speak about it. I want to reserve it. It has been God who has been taken care of me and my son. My son went to Covenant University, he graduated in Engineering. It was not easy paying the school fees and other bills. Before I could pay my bills I would hawk my wares from one office to the other. You know when people see you selling things from one office to the other, some people may look down on you any how, and some may see you as beggar. Some can even shout on you that “go, go go, you can’t sell by this time”. You know it might be frustrating and annoying but I need to keep calm and cooperate because I need to sell to raise money to sponsor my son. I didn’t want my son to go to anyhow school. I have been doing the work of a man; I have been carrying out the responsibilities of man. Man never bought me a car or paid for my house rent. I have been paying my bills singlehandedly but I give glory to God almighty.

You mentioned that the first time you saw Prophet Israel Oladele Genesis, you saw a crown on his head, does that mean that you have spiritual gift?

You know when you release yourself God will talk to you. We are all prophetesses and prophets. When you are able to focus, God will speak to you. God spoke to me about the way I’m celebrating my birthday this year. Last year I did dinner and every food you can think of was available. But this year Holy Spirit told me to feed the old people. So I had to cooperate with the Holy Spirit that is why I’m not doing any party this year. I told Prophet Oladele Genesis that I want to feed the old with this year birthday and he said that is the celebration of mercy. Last Thursday I remembered my parent, they are both late, I prepared bean cake (Akara) as a mark of honour to remember them. Holy Spirit asked me to give note of my age and I complied. If you refuse to comply with Holy Spirit, there will be problem. I did note of my age in addition to other things I presented for my thanksgiving. When you are afraid to give to God, you should be ready for failure. There is nothing I cannot give to God, when he gives me instruction, I obey. When I come to church I get focused and I get serious. That is why I don’t like to sit at the back, when I’m in church; I’m in business with God. When I’m in business with God I want to have an encounter. When prophecies come I click into it. There is no prosperity without sacrifice. You have to do sacrifice before you can get prosperity.

How can you describe Prophet Israel Oladele Genesis?

He is a humble person, he does not look down on people, and he is a goal getter. He is a ground breaker. God has deposited a lot in him.

Are you fulfilled at 50?

To the glory of God I’m fulfilled. Fulfillment is not about the money in the bank. One can be fulfilled in various ways. For instance, a blessed person is the one that can put food on the table for others to eat. Also, someone that settles fight is blessed. Good health is also part of blessing. God can also use your knowledge to bless you. So, when you are blessed you keep it, you don’t allow people to steal it from you.

What is the secret behind your youthful look?

My secret has been God. I’m not bragging, my main goal in life is to make others happy. I don’t believe in blood is ticker than water. I believe in love. I don’t like seeing people in tears, there is no time I call on God and he does not answer me. God has been faithful to me, and he has never put me to shame. I always want people to be happy and that has been my goal and I’m fulfilled.

What is your advice for youths?

Nowadays youths are too much in a hurry. A boy of 15 years old will be clamoring to buy big cars. The same things apply to young ladies that is biting more than what she can chew. I will advise our youths to wait for their time. Some youths are in yahoo business because they want to live a fast life. Life has to be one step after the other.


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