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2019 Gubernatorial Elections:

The Elections have come and Gone ! Our continued thanks and praises goes to the Almighty God for keeping us safe and of good health to see the beginning and the end of this process !
With all sense of humility I would like to thank our ever loyal members and supporters who stood by us through out this election period especially during the Presidential Elections which definitely showed what PDP Lagos State is made of when we unite to win and not rig !
My special thanks and recognition goes to the Original indigenes of Lagos State and the ever ready indisputable non indigenes that stood by us when we called upon them during the Presidential Elections , we pray that all our prayers would be answered very soon and at Gods own appointed time .
To the winners of the elections , I would hold my Congratulatory statement till you prove your selves worthy of this success ! You have all run races that have put you in positions of authority solely to change the lives of the common man for the better !
The best I can offer today is a little Prayer to you all , that may the Almighty God guide you and bestow the knowledge and wisdom needed to stir the ship you have chosen to board safely and successfully in Jesus Name Amen !
To those who weren’t so lucky ! Your names have gone down in history as one that volunteered to serve his or her fatherland and as such my prayer for you is for God to give you the continued determination to pursue the good cause for mankind and Nigerians at large!
You didn’t win today but definitely it could be your turn tomorrow, God Willing !
To the General Public and fellow Lagosians ! A new team namely Babajide Sanwoolu and His Deputy Alhaji Hamzat are those we ( Lagosians) have chosen to lead us for the next four years ! Let us give them all the support that is necessary for them to succeed in their daily endeavors.
To serve is a sacrifice no matter how you look at it , and they are surely going to make that sacrifice!
Your Excellencies,
Lagos needs a rebirth of ideas and creativity , it needs a vibrant Youth Enhancement program, it needs a robust Healthcare template especially that which will protect the poor and vulnerable lagosians , it needs a more focused Educational architecture that will carry the younger generation to the promise land , it needs a new housing template for the masses which must be affordable, it needs a private sector enhancement blueprint which must see multiple taxation reduced to the barest minimum, it needs most uncompleted projects ie light rail , 4th mainland bridge , the various flyovers , etc completed and commissioned.
Your excellencies , as a stake holder in Lagos , we must have particular infrastructures put in place in Lagos State ie A befitting International standard Airport , A state of the Art internationally certified Public Hospital , which will be subsidized for the poor, children and our old folks , A well equipped and Modernized University and a modernized and state of the art sport center etc
Your Excellency!

Two areas come to mind concerning Lagos sate , which I believe you must declare a state of emergency on , these are as follows :

1) The fast growing state of unemployment within our youths !
2) The Astronomical Level of the State Debt !

These two areas are very dynamic to the future of our state , and more importantly has an adverse relationship on the lives of Lagos State Residents both on the short and Long run !

Lastly ! I would like to say categorically say that Both the winners and Non winners both have an important-role to play in the successful management of the state !

To the Winners ! Please lead Right !
To the Non Winners ! Please Let’s be constructive in our criticisms!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria !
Long Live Lagos State !

Engr Adedeji Doherty

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