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Supreme Court Judgement on Imo Gubernatorial Elections has destroyed the trust and sympathy Nigerians have in the Judiciary and its Custodians: Doherty, Lagos State PDP Chairman



Engineer Adedeji Doherty, the PDP State Chairman has said that the Supreme Court Judgement didn’t come as a surprise to him, considering the fact that the case was stood down at the first sitting based on a very strange and questionable circumstance.

Doherty said “I am sure if an inquest is conducted concerning the issues that had led to this judgement, we would find out the unimaginable inconsistencies that must have played out during the deliberations between the member Judges that Superintend the Supreme Court. However, for us in the PDP, it isn’t the end of the world but the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our Democracy in Nigeria and a call for us as a party to go back to the drawing board and re strategise.”

“Unfortunately, this isn’t what our founding fathers envisaged when they gave us the constitution that is suppose to be our guide to ensure that we do the right thing. A dark cloud of uncertainty has suddenly covered the skies above our dear country. Consequently, the peace, freedom and prosperity we all enjoyed in our country during the PDP years is gradually diminishing as we continue with the Buhari/APC led administration.”

Doherty’s advice to Nigerians was to continue to be prayerful but also dilligent, meanwhile we must continue to remember our leaders and our dear country, Nigeria, in our daily prayers. We should also begin to suggest and honestly work towards implementing practical solutions that would translate to Democratic gains for our people instead of the failing institutions we have now . Furthermore It has become more apparent that some leaders in the country today find joy in heating up the already fragile democratic environment for selfish and personal gains. This is a dangerous trend that can only result in anarchy.

The Lagos State PDP Chairman sent a strong message to the various leaders, elders, traditional rulers , religious leaders, union presidents etc, in the six geopolitical zones in the country to immediately think about convening a National Summit to deliberate on the state of the Nation especially as it affects the future of our dear country under this APC led Federal Government.

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