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Talented Songstress, Oyin Hits Music Scene With ‘To Se Daada’



Just as her name implies so also is her song, she’s honey and her music is also honey. Oyin as she’s fondly called is an Afro Music singer-songwriter, producer and dancer. Her main musical style is Afrobeat and Afrobeats that are originated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom and nowadays also influenced by RnB, Dancehall, Trap and Rap. Apart from the fact that she produces Afrohouse and other South African vibes, and Kuduro and Kizomba from Angola, Cape Verde and Lisbon, Portugal.
Honey grew up in a medium sized town in the Western part of Germany. Her father being a music enthusiast and her mother a semi-professional singer, she started her career as a choirister in the church and school including public performances at an early age. As an introverted and shy child she mainly spent her time with reading books and writing poetry.
She grew up in a multicultural area in Germany, she got quickly connected to the local hip hop, oriental, afro and dancehall scene. Trying to professionalise her dancing skills, she taught herself ballet at home. At the same age she began to experiment with beats and composing.
In 2018, Honey moved to Portugal to study the origins of Afro Music in Kuduro and Kizomba. She started to attend professional sound engineering and production workshops and going deep into audio production with African sound engineers.
‘To Se Daada’ is the first Afrobeat solo project by Honey.  The lyrics are fully in Pidgin and Yoruba, two of the main native languages of Nigeria, the origin of Afrobeat.
‘To Se Daada’ tells the story of a good man entering the life of a woman that has been desperately waiting for a guy like this. She appreciates his kind and honest personality and that he is always there for her. The song is a declaration of love to this guy and the promise to follow and stick with him.
To Se Daada was inspired by the storylines of a lot of Nollywood movies and nowadays Afrobeat songs that create the image of Nigerian women to be mainly interested in monetary values in a relationship and the men offering it to them willingly as a sign of love. Honey wanted to draw a different picture with To Se Daada since out of here experience a lot of women regardless of their heritage are searching for a good love based on respect, honesty, appreciation and emotional support.
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