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2019: Ambode has Fulfilled 80 Percent Promises, He Deserves Second Term –  Prince Ewenla



Why do we have to block roads for President Muhammadu Buhari official visits, do they block roads in Abuja to allow Mr. President makes his way to and fro Office. 

Where in the world does this kind of nonsense happen? The Queen moves around London without the citizens noticing; likewise the President of the United States! Is it this ‘siren’ of our elected leaders that make them feel important and special, and indifferent to the citizens’ plight. Why should a city’s economy shut down because of just one person? Such acts make the world see us as unserious, uncivil, uncivilised, backward, third world, ignorant and all the adverse adjectives you can use to describe our situation.
EVERYBODY SHOULD JUST GET THEIR PERMANENT VOTERS CARD (PVC)… If Buhari is your  choice for 2019.. I beg vote for him but I know we can’t continue like this. Be wise…..

Prince Adedipe warn!

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