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Don’t Let Buhari Embarrass Nigeria in US Again; Fayose Tells Aides



Fayose’s comment folllows the President’s last speech at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London where Buhari was alleged to have insulted Nigerian youths by describing them as “lazy”.

The President visit has attracted several comments many of them tending to deride ahead of the meeting with President Trump.

Fayose said, “This one that President Buhari is going to meet President Trump tomorrow, they should write a speech for him so that he won’t go and say Nigerian youths are lazy again.”

In another comment by another anti-Buhari campaigner Reno Omokri he punctured claims by presidential aide Garba Shehu who said Buhari would be the first African leader to visit the White House.

Omokri wrote, “Today Garba Shehu said that Muhammadu Buhari “is the first African head of government to visit the Trump White House”.

Omokri went ahead to post a video of the  President Trump receiving President Al-Sisi of Egypt on April 3, 2017 at the White House.

“Why cant the Buhari administration ever be honest?” He asked

In yet another post, he derided Buhari thus: The world of mathematics has discovered a new equation. If you can solve it, you will win a Presidential insult from President Buhari to be issued during god meeting with President Trump. Here we go:

Buhari + Mic – Script = ?

Z$10,000 for the first right answer!”


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