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2019: Adedeji Doherty set to battle Gov Ambode over Lagos governorship 



On his developmental agenda he once said in an interview with the media:

“The main thrust of our administration just as I have always said is a drive towards rural development. If rural development is achieved, every other thing falls in.  And as such, we will have a revolution in terms of youth employment, housing, civil service, education, transportation and all that.  These are all the areas of interest.  But if you don’t have the rural development plan, every other plan will not work.  This is because the urban areas of Lagos are already congested.  And you have to decongest the areas.  Once you do that, you will be able to move people into the rural areas.  And once that happens, the development in those rural areas will automatically occur.  So, in retrospect, what we are looking at is the rural development as the main front of our administration ,which will be followed by education, youth empowerment, health, employment, urban development.  Also, to enhance the infrastructure of Lagos State.  These are just the summary of what we’re looking at”

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