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2019 Political Landscape: Yoruba Youth Fundamental Demands After Loosing The Vice President Slot To The South East..



16th October, 2018.

2019 Political Landscape: Yoruba Youth Fundamental Demands After Loosing The Vice President Slot To The South East..

The leadership of the Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide(YCYW) heartily felicitates with all Nigerians especially the good people of South East for the recent nomination of Mr. Peter Obi as the Vice Presidential nominee to His Excellency, Waziri Atiku Abubakar, GCON, the People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate at the forthcoming general elections come 2019, however, in furtherance to our former demand for the post of the Vice President which has been zoned and determined based on necessity and the negotiating strenghts of the Eastern bloc, and in the face of the compelling need to feature competent and vibrant minds that will deliver succint dividends of democracy to the dying and frustrated Nigerians, as well as surpass the inefficient and docile incumbent President Muhammodu Buhari APC led federal government, and while rescuing the nation from imminent total collapse, we believe in equitable justice and fair distribution of resources along this the same line of thought, we are further compelled to demand for a fair share positions comensurate to our goodwill contributed efforts as a region.

In the face of political trajectory, in extant violation and breach of laws and statutes, nepotism, deceits, oppression, unbearable pains and agony in today’s Nigeria, precipitating our unanimous resolution, and present our fundamental demands and negotiable stance to the People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate: His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON, the PDP, the entire coalition paries and supporting groups, while congratulating him as the President in waiting come 29th May, 2019, we are unequivocally setting our priorities right and straight on the following demands:

The vantage post of the Secretary to Government of the Federation (OSGF) to the Southwest, in addition to the Chief of Staff, National Security Adviser, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Minister of Finance, Minister of Petroluem, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Youth Development. While craving for other Board appointments beneficial to all Nigerians.

We carefully arrived at this in view of our noble undeterred committements to the peaceful cohexistence, unity and progress of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, while hoping this will galvernize of people’s supports and delivering of over 20 Million Votes, while ensuring to solicits additional Votes from our close allies in the North and South of the country for the PDP come 2019 general elections.

We hope the PDP as a party and Waziri Atiku Abubakar considers this open window of opportunity and rare available options, with an aggregated signing of an irrevocable Memorandum of Understanding with eminently qualified representatives of the Southwest, ranging from stakeholders from our Elders, Socio-Cultural Groups, Youths, Artisans, Professionals, Political Interest and Diaspora, and that will be done in the open in the fore eyes of the whole world via full press coverage before eminent Nigerians soon, preferably at our forthcoming Southwest Youth Summit, slated for November, 2018 in Ogun State.

For we feel the urgent need to convince our people on the need to jettisoned their own: Professor Yemi Oshibajo SAN, GCON Vice President of the incumbent APC led federal government, consequently, a better guaranteed alternative and assured choices should be on the negotiation table, for our people says ‘A bird in hand saves nine in the bush’.

Based on this premise, we are politically correct and conscious that these demands and permutations shall deliver a landslide winning in the Southwest and nationally, which is invariable the battle ground of the 2019 political titans, we are proud to show forth our support and endorsement with the consideration of our capable and competent sons and daughters of Yoruba Land, endowed with succint intellectual acumen, untainted track records of excellence and landmark achievements of our nominated individuals for all the aforementioned positions so demanded respectively.

In additiion, certain criteria shall be looked at in those persons viz a viz: succint knowledge of the economy, specialized professional skills, law and deliverables of the duties expected of their offices, especially when the incumbent APC led federal government is counting on Professor Yemi Oshibajo SAN as its only verifiable life line to challenge the PDP in the Zone,not mindiful of the APC led states, hence the need to have in the kitty a well galvernized option and alternative clear minded individuals whose allegiance and thrusts to the good people of the region and the nation’s progress is sacrosanct and undoubtedly indisputable and unbreakable, this can better match the status quo.

However, we shall be specifically asking the post of the Minister of Youth Develoment be zoned to the Southwestern Youth nominee who is eminently qualified to serve should be considered, for this will invariably upset the stage for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who seems to be the arrow key beneficiary of the skewed arrangements and specifically the incumbent VP’s profitable opportunities and power privileges exclusively owes him loyalty and not the entire Yoruba nation, for almost all the President Muhammodu Buhari’s appointed Ministers and parastals heads from the Southwest region have no political capital and meaningful benefits to show and prove their strenghts to the yoruba people at the home, viz: infrastructural developments, economic growths, employments, appointments to mention a few, the dye is cast.

For the Southeast have gained the VP, The Party Chairman slots and other added positions which shall be influenced in thier favour, it could swerve the governmental tides and will be of greater opportunity for their people at the detriment of other region, particularly the Yorubas if Atiku eventually wins the seat of Aso Rock come 2019.

We must of as a matter of national importance be demanding the followings when Waziri Atiku Abubakar wins the Presidency seat of power, viz:

Rule of Law: Waziri Atiku Abubakar must set out as an advocate of rule of law, above rule of force, wherein the nation needs urgent intervention on his committements which he has expressed and based on his antecedents as the former Vice President of Nigeria.

Restructuring agenda must be faced head on with a setting up of A National Restructuring Affairs Commission with an Executive Bill.

He must be able to summon a greater patriotic will towards building and reviving our dying nation from economic stagnation and social insecurity.

He must be able to implement the 26% UN Budgetary standard allocation to the Education sector with a view to postulating and establishing a statutory priciples of law by enacting the Education Right Bill into law.

He must be able to have a master plan for transportaion development from roads network development programs, while establishing a National Transport Park and Fares Management Authority, inorder to regulate at a reduced rate the amount spent daily on transport fares by Nigerians.

He needs to quickly review the land use Act laws into Land Licencing and Allotment Law via Executive Bill, wherein all lands right must revert back to the land owners and communities, while government only regulates its operations and management, while the Certificate of Occupancy and Consent should be replaced with Land Certificate of Ownership Licence.

Also, the government must be ready to equip the youths by granting 40% youth affirmative action plan on appointment and involving the Nigerian youths in his government.

A roburst vocational training program in information technology, Agriculture and other ancillary trainings, which will placed and rank Nigeria as first wolrd nation via succint economic revolution plan.

Security architecture needs a total overhaul and ensure absolute neutrality in the discharge of thier statutory duties.

More emphasis should be placed on rebuiding peace and national orientation on patriotism.

This are basic idea that could galvanise supports for Waziri Atiku Abubakar come 2019.


Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq.
President, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide.

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