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EFCC Reveals Bawa’s Facebook Account, Warns Impostors



Abdulrasheed Bawa


Owolola Adebola



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC wishes to inform the public that the following Facebook Groups and accounts: ABDULRASHEED BAWA. (EFCC CHAIRMAN) Public group, EFCC-BOSS Abdulrasheed, bawa 1, @abdulrasheed bawa, @Abdulrasheed Yahaya Bawa and @ Abdulrasheed Bawa purportedly belonging to the Executive Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa are fake.


The impostors behind the fake accounts are bent on deceiving unsuspecting Nigerians into believing that they are genuine Facebook accounts of the EFCC boss.


There are several fake social media accounts supposedly belonging to the EFCC chairman and despite repeated disclaimer, the figures behind the identity theft are unrelenting.


To foreclose further cloning of Bawa’s Facebook account, the Commission is constrained to make public, the personal Facebook account of the EFCC chair.


Bawa has one Facebook account which is, @AbdulRasheed Bawa


Members of the public are enjoined to treat any other account supposedly belonging to the EFCC chairman as fake, and stop further dealings with such platforms.


The public should be guided and avoid the risk of falling victim of scam.



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