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NCFront hails NCFront Youths for Strategic Roles in #EndSars, EndSwat, EndPoliceBrutality nationwide Protest






…..Charges Nigerian Youths to continue to resist sponsored attacks of political hirelings and hoodlums on the ongoing revolutionary build up in the country



…..Directs Allies to Sustain #EndSars Protest and Mass Action until all forms of “SARS” is abolished in Nigeria



….Held an Emergency Review Meeting  Thursday at 3pm to take stock of casualties and way forward


The leadership of the National Consultative Front, NCFront, an emerging alternative to the ruling class in Nigeria, has commended its youths network and allies across the country for the strategic roles so far played in sustaining the ongoing #EndSars, #EndSwat revolutionary Protest and Mass Action in the country.


In a terse Statement issued by the NCFront on Thursday and signed by its Spokesperson, Dr Tanko Yunusa, the Front also decried the panicky hiring and criminal attacks on peaceful protesters by political hirelings and hoodlums with the aim of undermining the peaceful and orderly protest of the large section of responsible and resourceful Nigerian Youths, spearheading the popular revolt of the Nigerian masses, who are sorely disenchanted with the present governance deficit in the country.


The Statement further reads in part: NCFront wishes to applaud the ideological dimension brought into the ongoing #EndSars Struggle by its teeming Youths members and Allies in depicting SARS as symbolic of every negative, irresponsible, anti people’s element of Government misrule and State collapse in Nigeria.


We, therefore wish to state in clear terms that, this emergent ideological dynamics, as embraced by the the Coalition of Northern Youths today in Kaduna, is the most formidable line to tow towards achieving a Nigeria that works for all under a government that has been deaf and irresponsive to all entrities of popular demand for democratic change in mal-adminstration of the country.


NCFront consequently hereby enjoins and directs all its teeming Youths members and Allies, especially in the Nigeria Intervention Movement, NIM, Citizens Advocacy Network, Revolution 2023, and the entire Third Force, Fresh breed Movement of Nigeria not to be deterred by casualties, injuries and loss of lives recorded while pursuing this noble cause but to ensure everything is done in solidarity to sustain the current revolutionary momentum untill all forms of SARS is brought down as the present political class have been a monumental failure and disappointment and must be brought to their kneels to account for the blood of innocent and defenceless youths maimed and cut down by State forces during the ongoing peaceful protest.


Furthermore, all past and present politicians, especially political office holders, who have contributed one way or the other in bringing the country to the current “SAR” brutal Situation” in all spheres of its existence must be immediately declared persona non granta and made to come and account for their destructive contributions to making Nigeria, a failed State, a criminal enterprise and the poverty capital of the world.


To this end, the NCFront has already convened an emergency Stakeholders review meeting for 3pm today to rewiew the gains and losses and the tactical way forward for the emerging popular revolution in Nigeria. All Leaders, Stakeholders, Members and Allies of the Front have been effectively mobilised to attend this all important review meeting.


#NCFront! Victory in Unity!!



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