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NigeriaDecides2023: I will be a servant leader, renewed hope has dawn in Nigeria, says President-Elect Tinubu ~ Prestige News




Nigeria’s President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has promised to be a servant to Nigerians and not a leader, saying that a renewed hope has dawn in the nation.

Tinubu, while given his acceptance speech in Abuja on Wednesday morning said he was profoundly humbled by the mandate given to him to be the 16th president of Nigeria.

The president-elect described his election as a serious mandate, saying he accepted the mandate to serve Nigeria.

“This is a serious mandate, I hereby accept it to serve you, to be your servant and not be your leader, to work with you and make Nigeria a great country,” he said.

Tinubu appealed to Peter Obi of the Labour Party, Atiku Abubakar of the PDP and other contestants to team up with him to build the nation.

“I appeal to my fellow contestants, let us team up together, this is the only nation we have, it is one country and we must build together, we must work together to put broken pieces together, we must work for the unity, happiness and harmony,” he said.

He urged them to collaborate with him to build the nation, saying “we have what it takes, what is needed-knowledge, creativity, determination, we are the same country, I promise I will work with you to make Nigeria the destination for those at home to return home to contribute to the development of Nigeria.”

To the youths, Tinubu promised to work with them, saying he would pay undivided attention to their education.

“I will pay undivided attention to your education, four years course will be four years course, no more strike, your universities will have autonomy, no more selling of handouts, our lecturers must be authors. I know where it pains you and I believe you will see the reward of your election,” he added.

He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his support, saying he is a great patriot.


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