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WACOMBS Consecrates Prophetess Adeyinka as Bishop of El-Shaddai Pentecostal Church  (Photos) ~ Prestige News






It was a joyous moment penultimate Sunday July 31 when West African College of Missionary Bishops (WACOMBS) consecrated its Bishop -Elect, Prophetess Adesope Oyewole Adeyinka as the Bishop of El-Shaddai Pentecostal Church, Abeokuta, Ogun state.


Prophetess Adeyinka taking the oath of office as the Bishop of El-Shaddai Pentecostal Church, Abeokuta


The prestigious event was officiated by WACOMBS President /Appointed Cardinal, Archbishop Olusegun Robert assisted by notable men of God, including Bishop Bolaji Adekola, Bishop Samuel Kayode and Bishop Mrs. Adenike O. Robert .


Archbishop Olusegun Robert, WACOMBS President/Appointed Cardinal


It would be recalled that Bishop Adesope Oyewole Adeyinka is a prophetess and highly favoured woman of God. Prestige News gathered that she has vibrant branches of her ministry, EL-Shaddai Pentecostal Church, with headquarters in Abeokuta, Ogun state, across south west Nigeria and in South Africa.


Adeyinka holds Bsc in Business Management and Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in education. In the same vein she is a prominent member of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and also an executive member of Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria (GOMAN). She is happily married with children.




In a chat with media men after the event, Cardinal Archbishop Robert disclosed that WACOMBS consecration is unique with a universal recognition and overseas ministerial benefits as he explains the significance of the ecclesiastical exercise. “WACOMBS consecration is unique. Bishops are ordained ministers of the same order as other pastors, simply having been “consecrated” or installed into the “office” (that is, the role) of bishop. In WACOMBS, consecration of a bishop is to among many things to encourage the ministers who have labored in God’s vineyard, especially in evangelistic ministry and church planting. Also it’s a promotion accordingly to the organizations ecclesiastical order,” he explained.



WACOMBS President/Appointed cardinal, Archbishop Olusegun Robert also spoke on the benefits of WACOMBS ordination and consecration that include among others international connections, access to research library, fellowship among one another, adequate and proper welfare of members, and association.  Robert further said  that there are guidelines and requirements for ordination and consecration either as WACOMBS archbishop, cardinal, bishop or minister.


He explained that WACOMBS ordination and consecration dates back 1997, and to date the college has ordained and consecrated well over 500 ministers including archbishops and two cardinals.


WACOMBS requirements are not unattainable, neither is it materialistic. Among  the guidelines and requirements for WACOMBS ordination and consecration of its bishop-elects or ministers include the following:


WACOMBS Bishop-elect must have his or her own landed (personal accommodation) property to avoid embarrassment from a landlord.


WACOMBS Bishop-elect must have a church based, a local assembly where he or she pastors or is submitted to.


He or she must not be a convict in any way or in any court of law.


WACOMBS Bishop must not be found before or after consecration to have gone bankrupt.



Bishop Prophetess Adesope Oyewole Adeyinka and WACOMBS President/Appointed Cardinal, Archbishop Olusegun Robert and other WACOMBS officiating bishops and a lawyer that ministered the oath of office to Adeyinka as the Bishop of El-Shaddai Pentecostal Church, Abeokuta, Ogun state.




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