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4 Habits That Will Make Your Outfit Stand Out ~ Prestige News






There is the belief that expensive equals class in the female community. This statement might be true to some extent but in reality, we all cannot afford fancy or expensive outfits. We must make do with what we have. Regardless of whether you are a boutique shopper or thrifter, some habits will make your outfit pop without overspending on clothes.


Habits that will make your outfit stand out include,


1. Accessories



One of the habits that will name your outfit pop is putting on accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit. This does not imply that you should put on all your accessories at once. Balance is key.


Most times, the hard part is knowing when to wear the accessories and what to wear them with. The best gift you can give yourself is learning how to mix various textures and colors to your accessories.


2. Neat hair


A neat hair or new hairstyle improves the appearance of an outfit. Making a good and lasting impression begins with your face which includes the hair, the first thing people will notice about you.


Everyone has different hairstyles, some like to cut it short and some like to grow their hair. It doesn’t matter the hairstyle you have on, the most important thing you need to do is to take care of your hair.


Also, you can get a wig. Wigs come in handy for bad hair days when you can’t afford to install new hair.


3. Neat nails


Nails and hair go hand in hand. You cannot forgo one and service the other.


You should avoid flashy colors and weird designs on your nails. Neutral colors look more classy and will elevate your outfit automatically.


4. Steam your clothes


Getting a proper steam iron will go a long way. It will make your clothes crisper, look cleaner and well thought out.


Avoid wearing clothes that cannot be steamed because they will always look crumbled which will give your outfits a not-so-good touch.


You don’t have to have to break the bank to look good. You can wear that outfit together with these basic habits and make your outfits pop.



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