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Popular social media messaging app, Whatsapp will no longer work on some phones as from November 1, 2021, due to compatibility issues.


The phones that will be affected include 52 android and iPhone devices owned by millions of users worldwide.


We understand the inability of the application to function on these devices is because owners of the platform will cease to provide support for the operating system running on such old model devices.


WhatsApp threatens to block users of clone app, ‘GB WhatsApp’.


To be able to continue enjoying Whatsapp services, owners of affected devices have two options – upgrade their device software (if possible) or get a brand new phone.


The phones that will be affected by this technology upgrade include:


1. Galaxy Trend Lite


2. Galaxy Trend II


3. Galaxy SII


4. Galaxy S3 mini


5. Galaxy Xcover 2


6. Galaxy Core


7. Galaxy Ace 2


8. Lucid 2


9. Optimus F7


10. Optimus F5


11. Optimus L3 II Dual


12. Optimus F5


13. Optimus L5


14. Best L5 II


15. Optimus L5 Dual


16. Best L3 II


17. Optimus L7


18. Optimus L7 II Dual


19. Best L7 II


20. Optimus F6, Enact


21. Optimus L4 II Dual


22. Optimus F3


23. Best L4 II


24. Best L2 II


25. Optimus Nitro HD


26. Optimus 4X HD


27. Optimus F3Q


28. ZTE V956


29. Grand X Quad V987


30. Grand Memo


31. Xperia Miro


32. Xperia Neo L


33. Xperia Arc S


34. Alcatel


35. Ascend G740


36. Ascend Mate


37. Ascend D Quad XL


38. Ascend D1 Quad XL


39. Ascend P1 S


40. Ascend D2


41. Archos 53 Platinum


42. HTC Desire 500


43. Caterpillar Cat B15


44. Wiko Cink Five


45. Wiko Darknight


46. Lenovo A820


47. UMi X2


48. Run F1


49. THL W8


50. iPhone SE


51. iPhone 6S

52. iPhone 6S Plus


Meanwhile, henceforth, Nigerian citizens below the age of 18 would not be allowed to own a Subscriber Identity/Identification Module (SIM) card.



The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC revealed this in a recent publication on its official website, Naija News reports.


According to the draft copy of the modified registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulations, only subscribers above the age of 18 are entitled to SIMs. The commission said the new regulation was in line with the powers conferred upon the commission by section 70 of the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003.





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