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There is a part of the bible where God said let there be light, and there was light, and since then darkness has never ruled over light. Maureen Badejo dug a well for herself and jumped into it. Peddling fake stories about a true man of God like Olukoya without fear was a very dangerous path to tread because God does not play with the apple of his eyes.


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As day breaks, I continue to believe more in the verse of the bible that says, touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Since last year, I took it upon myself to follow up with the Matter of Maureen BADEJO and MFM, by revealing the truth and debunking all the lies and fabrications Maureen Badejo spills through her YouTube and Facebook channels. Sooner than later, she was sued for aggravated libel and character assassination by the church committee in different countries of the world and Nigeria as well, being that Mountain of fire and miracles ministries is an international ministry.


On the 9th of February 2021, the High Court of OGUN STATE, NIGERIA, delivered a judgment by which damages of N500 million was awarded to MFM and Dr. D K. Olukoya against Maureen Badejo, and in her usual loud and ignorant way she TREATED IT WITH LEVITY and she and her followers called it “jankariwo judgment” making a mockery of the judgment in her online show. But today, the best of news hit us as we got to know that the same so-called “Jankariwo judgment” as described by MAUREEN AND HER COHORTS, has been duly registered this day 30th of march 2021 in the high court of justice in the united kingdom, by this development, the judgment of the Hon. Justice A. A. Adeyemi becomes, for all intents and purposes, a judgment of the Queen’s Bench Division and will soon be executed on the judgment debtor – Maureen Badejo in that country.


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Won kinsowipe ki omode maa dete, toba ti le da inu igbo gbe! “A child should be ready to bear the consequences of his irrational actions and decisions” Maureen I warned you, and I begged you to repent and apologize on several articles but you went ahead to do a baseless show about me, today punishment is served, I don’t know how you will blog your way out of this, but God that answereth by fire has indeed answered you.


May God bless Dr. D.k Olukoya for continuing to do his work especially during this pandemic period and not allowing this daughter of destruction to distract him, your online presence and message of hope and deliverance are unprecedented, God bless your family and your ministry.


Maureen don’t cry yet, more troubles are on the way, but you can still repent and ask for forgiveness, Dr. Olukoya is a true man of God and a kind man as well, but for the main time enjoy your troubles for the bibles says that no wicked shall go unpunished and for her supporters and informant, I know that she will soon turn on all of you and mention all your names and we will be here to publish. so better repent as well and seek the truth



– Femi Oyewale




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